Muscogee County, Georgia               

Muscogee County, Georgia was established in 1826, and was named for the native Muscogee or Creek people.

Its county seat and only city is Columbus, Georgia was named for Christopher Columbus, its founders likely influenced by the writings of Washington Irving.

Columbus is the third largest city in Georgia and the fourth largest metro area in the state.

Muscogee County is one of 159 counties in Georgia, and has a population of about 185,000.

Schools located in Muscogee County include Beacon University, Columbus State University
and Columbus Technical College.

Cities and towns located in Muscogee County include Columbus, Bibb City, Columbus City, Custer Terrace, Fort Benning, Fortson, Midland, Upatoi, Allendale, Alta Vista, Avondale, Baker Village, Barin, Battle Park, Benning, Brookhaven, Caroline Park, Carter Acres, Cascade Hills, City Village, Clubview Heights, Crystal Valley, Dinglewood, Edgewood, Englewood, Flat Rock, Gentian, Glen Arden, Glenns, Green Island Hills, Highland, Hilton Heights, Laurel Hills, Lincoln Hills, Linden, Lyn Hills, Morningside, Nankipooh, Oakland Park, Parkchester, Pine Hill, Riverland Terrace, Rose Hill, Saint Marys Hills, Sand Hill, Schatulga, Sunset Terrace, Vista Terrace, Weracoba Heights, Willett, Willis Plaza, Woodlawn Estates and Wynnton.

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